About Mattie

Representative Mattie Daughtry just elected to her second term in the Maine Legislature representing House District 49 (part of Brunswick). She serves on the Joint Standing Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs and is the House Chair of the Maine Commission on College Affordability and College Completion.

Mattie, a lifelong Brunswick resident, graduated from Brunswick High School and Smith College.

Daughtry has run her own local photography and video company for over eight years. She also assists a local photographer, and works as a freelance writer and researcher.

Previously she was the communications associate for Maine’s Majority, and did legislative research statewide and in Augusta. She worked to hold special interests accountable and make Augusta accessible to everyone by publicizing what was behind each bill. Through Maine’s Majority she helped organize various protests and events to get hardworking Mainers voices’ heard and acknowledged in the State House. She read every bill introduced in the 125th Legislature and lead a statewide push back against the American Legislative Exchange Council, a secretive organization which allows large corporations to write big-business friendly bills and helps legislators advance this legislation on the state level.

Prior to Maine’s Majority she worked as a curator for Brunswick-based VSA Arts of Maine, an organization serving people with disabilities through the arts. Daughtry also co-owned and ran a small business featuring the VSA artists at 11 Pleasant St in Brunswick. Daughtry founded and ran the News Department at WOZQ 91.9 FM and also worked in the News Department at WFCR 88.5 FM, an NPR station in Western Massachusetts. She worked in Congressman Tom Allen’s office as an intern in college. She has extensive experience working within her local community, on a local farm, as a waitress in town, as a counselor at several local camps, and at the Times Record.

To view Daughtry’s full resume please check out her LinkedIn profile: http://lnkd.in/9tJUDC

“I am a product of this town and have been shaped by this community. I now feel impelled to give back, to make a difference. That is why I am running for office, I want to help keep Brunswick vibrant, to nurture both the creative forces downtown and the high tech companies at Brunswick Landing, to protect the quality of our schools and the beauty of our environment. I grew up fishing in Maquoit Bay with my dad, and I want my children’s children to have that same experience. I know that for Maine to prosper, we need to protect both our natural resources and our small businesses. The vitality of our community and our quality of life depend upon this. I would be honored to serve the people of Brunswick as their next representative in the House District 66, and to play a role in protecting our future.”

My first time at the State House!