We need to wean off fossil fuel and explore renewable and sustainable energy options. We should also increase weatherization programs.

Heating costs pose a substantial cost burden on Mainers. For 80 percent of Maine homeowners, oil is their main fuel source. Lowering the demand and seeking alternatives should be our focus to lower energy costs, both in the residential and commercial sectors. We need to be exploring renewable and sustainable energy source. We have a plethora of green energy options in Maine. On the demand side, I favor expanding the Efficiency Maine program. Continued weatherization is the first step in weaning us off fossil fuels. While lowering demand, alternative fuel sources need to be investigated.  In Maine we have an abundance of sustainably harvestable wood products. Wood pellet use should be encouraged through State rebates, etc. Wood pellet boilers are just beginning to be available, but are costly and a rebate program could spur their use in building retrofits. I am also interested in a feed-in-tariff program. We have a pilot program currently to explore feed-in-tariff but would like to see it expanded.

Transportation costs need to be looked at as well. I would work towards reinstating the GoMaine Van Pool program, expand public transportation to Maine’s service centers and providing tax incentives for Mainers who carpool.