The issues that threaten our quality of life—shrinking fiscal resources, unemployment, rising health costs, the mortgage crisis, environmental challenges—require that we collaborate and work together to find solutions as opposed to the impasse that currently exists in Augusta. It is time for a return to civility. We need legislators who are able to get people to come together—across party lines—and say ‘yes’.

I believe we all prosper when everyone is working, when our schools teach to every child and every child graduates. Our state will be stronger if every family has a job that pays quality wages, can afford health insurance, has access to affordable energy sources, and lives in a clean and healthy environment.

I am committed to education: the best possible investment for the future is a strong public education system. Brunswick has always been known for its excellent schools. We need to continue to excel by improving our current offerings and challenge each student to find his or her path through a variety of educational settings. I will work with the state and community to find creative solutions to maintain the full funding of our schools.

At the same time I will work to increase efficiency in government and control unnecessary spending. We need to invest in our future but we must be mindful of the expenses that we take on. In this global recession it is important to foster growth but not drive ourselves further into debt. By working together we can discover and implement the best possible strategies to fund our community while not living beyond our means.

Mainers have always been entrepreneurs: we have one of the highest small business ownership rates in the country. It is our economic engine: toiling on the clam flats, running a restaurant, landscape service, real estate office, or small local store (you get the point); this kaleidoscope of professions is our past, present and future.

The solutions to our economic problems require that we build from the middle out, not from the top down, and reinvigorate Maine’s middle class. We need to have quality jobs here in Brunswick to make sure that people are staying here and raising their families.  We need to encourage sustainable economic development in our state and make it easier for our small businesses to grow. We need to create a stable regulatory environment to help businesses plan for the future. We need to ensure development that respects the environment and community values, and equally important, we need to make sure that every employee is getting a livable wage by indexing Maine’s minimum wage to inflation.

I urge you to take a look at my position pages to get a more in-depth description of my positions.