Big News: I’m running for office!

Big News: I’m running for office!

I have some big news that I wanted to share with you.

I’m running for Office! I am seeking the Democratic nomination for the Maine House District 66 seat in my hometown of Brunswick, Maine.

From her press release:

BRUNSWICK, ME – Matthea “Mattie” Daughtry announced today that she is seeking the Democratic nomination for the Maine House District 66.

Mattie, a Brunswick native, decided to enter the race after growing concerned about the direction the state is moving under Governor Paul LePage’s leadership. “I grew up in Brunswick, attended Brunswick public schools. After four years away at college, I returned to live in Brunswick because I love our state and this community. But what I see happening to Maine under LePage and the Republican-controlled Legislature is not what’s best.” She continued, “I am a product of this town and have been shaped by this community. I now feel impelled to give back, to make a difference. That is why I am running for office: to help take back the House and make sure that Augusta is serving the needs of the working people of Brunswick and Maine.”

“Governor LePage has pushed through an extreme agenda that benefits corporations and big-monied interests at the expense of hard-working Brunswick families. He has backed efforts to dismantle our environmental protections, destroy unions, vilify teachers, disenfranchise voters, and cut access to affordable healthcare and basic necessities. He has even refused to issue voter-approved bonds that would bring jobs to Brunswick Landing and fund the Land for Maine’s Future program. This November we need to ensure that the Democrats take back the House and turn things around. I want to be a catalyst for positive change in Brunswick and in Maine.”

Mattie graduated from Brunswick High School and Smith College. After graduation she returned home to Brunswick, working as a freelance photographer, writer, and researcher. “I know first-hand the problems of our economy, of finding a job at a livable wage. And it’s not just my generation that is struggling. I have been incredibly lucky to piece together work that enables me to stay in the hometown I love.”

Daughtry is now a partner at Maquoit Bay Associates, a consulting firm specializing in management, fundraising and social media solutions for non-profits. Until recently, she was the communications associate for Maine’s Majority, an organization formed to represent the 61% of Mainers who did not vote for Paul LePage. While at Maine’s Majority she investigated the LePage administration’s legislative agenda and campaign finances, writing on politics in Augusta and around the state. Daughtry is also a photographer and writes a popular food blog. Prior to Maine’s Majority she worked as a curator for Brunswick-based VSA Arts of Maine, an organization serving people with disabilities through the arts. She has extensive experience working within her local community, on a local farm, as a waitress in town, at the Times Record, and with a Brunswick photographer, to name a few.

“Our governor claims he has made Maine ‘Open for Business’ and yet, our state’s economy has shrunk under his leadership. The irresponsible policies in Augusta have shifted the burden to local property tax payers, so we pay more and still face incredible funding shortages in our schools and municipalities.” Daughtry continued, “We can create policies that invest in our communities, schools, workforce and protect Maine’s environment. I want to work with the people of Brunswick to find better solutions.”

“I have been impressed by Mattie’s energy and ability to work with people,” commented Glenn Cummings, former Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives. “Having grown up in the Bath-Brunswick area, I know how important it is to have someone representing Brunswick with deep roots in the community. Mattie embodies the local values of resourcefulness and hard work, and will bring fresh perspective and energy to the problems in Augusta.”

“I want to help keep Brunswick vibrant, to nurture both the creative forces downtown and the high tech companies at Brunswick Landing, to protect the quality of our schools and the beauty of our environment. I grew up fishing in Maquoit Bay with my dad, and I want my children’s children to have that same experience. I know that for Maine to prosper, we need to protect both our natural resources and our small businesses. The vitality of our community and our quality of life depend upon this. I would be honored to serve the people of Brunswick as their next representative in the House District 66, and to play a role in protecting our future.”

Photo by Michele Stapleton ©  2012

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Matthea “Mattie” Daughtry, a Brunswick native, is the State Representative for the Maine House District 66

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