Thank you Gaetan Davis for your Letter to the Editor!

Thank you Gaetan for your fantastic Letter to the Editor!

Re-elect Daughtry

I would like to encourage all voters in the new District 49 to re- elect Matthea (Mattie) Daughtry to the Maine House of Representatives. For the past two years, Mattie has effectively represented Brunswick’s District 66 on many issues of importance to citizens of the town. She has worked tirelessly as a member of the Education Committee to improve educational opportunities for all Mainers both at the local and college levels. Mattie is currently Chair …

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Wonderful Letters to the Editor!

Thank you to C. W. Freedner for her kind letter to the editor in the Times Record:

Mattie Daughtry has served well!

As a resident of the old State House District 63, I was delighted to discover that all of the southern part of Brunswick is now part of HD 49, because now I can vote for Matthea Daughtry for State Representative. Check out the new district maps at uploads/2014/05/H ouseDistricts2014.pdf. If you live south or west of Maine Street or Mere Point Road, chances are …

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