Two more letters to the editor!

Thank you to Dan Ankeles and Sue Stableford for your kind letters to the editor in the Forecaster.

Re-elect Brunswick’s Daughtry to the House

Two years ago, I wrote to support Democrat Mattie Daughtry for state representative. I predicted that she would be an all-star on the Education Committee and would advocate fiercely for Brunswick’s public schools.

Thankfully, my prediction came true. Rep. Daughtry stopped the governor’s plan to end the state’s policy of sharing its revenue with towns like Brunswick. If Daughtry and her colleagues hadn’t succeeded, …

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Three wonderful letters from three inspiring women!

The Forecaster published three letters to the editor endorsing me. The letters come from three women who inspire me daily: Devon Murphy-Anderson, Sue Stableford, and Bronwen Crothers.

Devon is a senior in High School and co-organized the SPEAK OUT Women’s Issues event that was a huge success. Devon and Sophie Simmons were frustrated with the lack of involvement of their peers in the political process. The two of them created the SPEAK OUT event to try and fire people up about the importance of this election for women. …

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