Thank you Brunswick!

Thank you Brunswick!

To the town of Brunswick:

Thank you! Thank you to the voters of House District 66 for placing your trust in me and electing me to be your next State Representative.

This election was the experience of a lifetime. During the past four months, I have had the opportunity to knock on most of the doors in District 66 and to talk to people about what matters most to them. Thank you to all who opened their door to me.  I have met new people, found old friends and patted most of the dogs in the district.  I have been in new places I had never seen before; I have received gardening and coyote advice; I have had wildflowers picked for me by two lovely little boys. This campaign has been a wonderful experience, a rediscovery of my hometown and its hard-working families.

I am so humbled and honored that you are giving me the privilege of serving you in Augusta.

There are so many people to thank.

A big thank you is due to all of my campaign volunteers who helped me canvass and phone bank and helped keep my spirits high.  I want to thank my two wonderful opponents for running great campaigns. Also a big thank you to all the other candidates who stood out in the cold on election day. I want to thank Grant Connors for his great sense of humor that kept us smiling and laughing the entire time.

I especially want to thank the following folks because without their support and generosity this campaign would never have been a success: My mother and father, Benjamin, Kippy Rudy, Joe Madore, Dan Ankeles, Ana Hicks and Ben Tucker, Jackie Sartoris and Steve Walker, Jane Millett, Becky Shepherd, John Rorke, Charlotte Agell, Anna Simmons, Peter Simmons, Andy Cashman and his family, Aviva and the Bowdoin Dems, Elliot and Lee, Edie, Tamsin Kemos, Michele Stapleton, Glenn Cummings, Toby McGrath, Hayden Sartoris, Representative Seth Berry, Jamie and Ryan Bullock, Jill Standish, Joanne Rosenthal, Sue Stableford, Sue Nickerson, Leslie and Sophie Simmons, Devon Murphy-Anderson, The Welshes, Andrea Rosen, Gaetan Davis, Steve Davis, Suzanne Astolfi, The Wishman/Freedner family, Senator Stan, Patricia Ryan, Representative Charlie Priest, Trish Riley, Chake and Biff, Mary Pols, Greg White, Representative Mark Eves, Steve and Kathy Carey, Jack Mahoney, Janet Martin, The Johansons, Nancy Tucker, Julie Wise and Dan Sullivan, Beth Leonard and Gary Lawless, Marina and Arden, Shira, Eunice and Kit St. John, and Karen Johnson.

We have some tough decisions ahead of us. There is much work to be done to help Brunswick and our beloved State move towards a prosperous and sustainable future. I know that we will be able to accomplish great things and am looking forward to working with all of you to get the job done. If you have any ideas or concerns, please do not  hesitate to contact me at 370-9871.

Thank you,

This post was written by
Matthea “Mattie” Daughtry, a Brunswick native, is the State Representative for the Maine House District 66

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