Thank you Gaetan Davis for your Letter to the Editor!

Thank you Gaetan for your fantastic Letter to the Editor!

Re-elect Daughtry

I would like to encourage all voters in the new District 49 to re- elect Matthea (Mattie) Daughtry to the Maine House of Representatives. For the past two years, Mattie has effectively represented Brunswick’s District 66 on many issues of importance to citizens of the town. She has worked tirelessly as a member of the Education Committee to improve educational opportunities for all Mainers both at the local and college levels. Mattie is currently Chair of the College Affordability Commission, which will examine and make recommendations on the development of strategies to keep the cost of public postsecondary education in the state affordable. The Commission additionally is working to increase the graduation rate of students enrolled in state-supported public institutions of higher education.

Mattie is a passionate and thoughtful Representative who works across the aisle to bring consensus on important issues in Augusta. Let’s keep her in the State House for another two years to complete the important work she has started. Vote Matthea Daughtry on Nov. 4.

Gaetan Davis


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Matthea “Mattie” Daughtry, a Brunswick native, is the State Representative for the Maine House District 66

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