Two Letters to the Editor in the Forecaster

Two Letters to the Editor in the Forecaster

Today the following two letters to the editor were published on my behalf in the Forecaster:

Letter: Brunswick should send Daughtry to Augusta

The Forecaster, September 24, 2012

Brunswick needs a strong voice to represent us in House District 66. The woman with that voice is Mattie Daughtry.

Mattie, a lifelong resident of Brunswick, wants to give back to the community which has given her so much. Whether it’s making sure there is additional education funding for Brunswick; ensuring the success of the development of Brunswick Landing or striking the balance between business and environment, she will be an effective voice for Brunswick.

The last Legislature cut $3 million in education funding for Brunswick. Those cuts have harmed our schools and placed the town in a difficult situation of having to raise property taxes to make up the difference. Mattie will go to Augusta to make sure Brunswick isn’t being short-changed.

Let’s send Mattie Daughtry to Augusta to fight for Brunswick.

Toby McGrath

Letter: Daughtry will be a legislative leader for Brunswick

The Forecaster, September 24, 2012

Fred Horch, the Green Independent running for representative in House District 63, says he’ll be able to broker compromise in the Legislature. Fred doesn’t understand that a broker requires leverage, and the only leverage a lone independent would have is his own vote.

Mattie Daughtry has spent years in Augusta working on our behalf as a legislative watchdog for Maine’s Majority, drawing admiration and respect from legislators on both sides of the aisle. At 25, she’s the same age as Olympia Snowe and Mike Michaud when they were first elected and, like our best leaders, is both a good listener and someone worth listening to. As a Democrat who believes fervently in bipartisanship, she won’t operate alone but as part of a team; unlike both her opponents, she understands how to negotiate legislative politics and has already shown she can represent Brunswick’s interests effectively.

Your choice: lone voice, or team leader?

The Rev. Frank C. Strasburger

This post was written by
Matthea “Mattie” Daughtry, a Brunswick native, is the State Representative for the Maine House District 66

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