Two Letters to the Editors by two inspiring women!

A big thank you to Susan Stoddard and Teresa Gillis for writing such amazing letters to the editors. I look up to both of these women so these pieces mean a lot to me. Thank you!

Daughtry exactly what we need

In just her first term, Matthea Daughtry has been a dedicated, engaged, innovative, passionate, energetic and effective legislator. As a person, she has integrity, compassion, intelligence and a good sense of humor. So, why wouldn’t we all want to send her back for another term?! Seems like Brunswick District 49 has exactly the representative we need. So get out and vote for Mattie Daughtry!

Susan Brown Stoddard

Re-elect Matthea Daughtry for District 49

Matthea Daughtry has proven to be an effective person to represent Brunswick on the Legislature for House District 49.

Mattie is not afraid to stand up for what is right. She is energetic, intelligent, hardworking and honest. Mattie is passionate about education and is dedicated to ensuring our children’s needs.

When I have emailed or called Mattie, she replies promptly and is ready to answer any questions or concerns I may have. Even being asked to update the School Board with only a few hours advance notice, Mattie showed up prepared and equipped to answer any question asked of her.

Mattie is also an active listener, a quality I feel is very important in a representative.

It is rare to find in one person all the qualities that Matthea Daughtry displays. Brunswick is very lucky to have her as a representative. I urge everyone in district 49 to please vote to re-elect Matthea Daughtry on November 4th.

Every vote truly does count!

Teresa V. Kelly-Gillis


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Matthea “Mattie” Daughtry, a Brunswick native, is the State Representative for the Maine House District 66

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