Two more letters to the editor!

Thank you to Dan Ankeles and Sue Stableford for your kind letters to the editor in the Forecaster.

Re-elect Brunswick’s Daughtry to the House

Two years ago, I wrote to support Democrat Mattie Daughtry for state representative. I predicted that she would be an all-star on the Education Committee and would advocate fiercely for Brunswick’s public schools.

Thankfully, my prediction came true. Rep. Daughtry stopped the governor’s plan to end the state’s policy of sharing its revenue with towns like Brunswick. If Daughtry and her colleagues hadn’t succeeded, we would have endured more cuts to schools and basic town services, along with a property tax increase the likes of which nobody has ever seen.

Daughtry supported measures to make life better for students. She supported training teachers and staff to recognize the signs of suicide and take action. She supported improving students’ financial literacy, and she also supported a law that gives more credit to students who undertake community service.

Brunswick is lucky to have Rep. Daughtry. Let’s re-elect her this November in House District 49.

Dan Ankeles

Daughtry deserves re-election to the House

I urge the voters of Brunswick House District 49 to re-elect Democratic Rep. Mattie Daughtry. Mattie is one of our young legislators helping Maine move forward. She has worked tirelessly to improve the chances for Maine students to attend college, and then to find decent wage jobs. She supports health care for all, along with everyone’s right to make health and reproductive choices without government or employer interference. We need her energy, integrity, and commitment in Augsta. Re-elect Mattie.

Sue Stableford

This post was written by
Matthea “Mattie” Daughtry, a Brunswick native, is the State Representative for the Maine House District 66

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