First things first

First things first

First things first, my full name is Matthea Daughtry but my nickname is Mattie. I am running for the Legislature in District 66 because I care about Brunswick and this incredible State that we all call home. I have deep roots in Brunswick and strong ties to this community. I was born here, raised here, schooled here, and returned from college to continue my life here. I grew up watching people around me give their time and energy to this town. It is now my turn to give back, to make a difference and to serve this community.

I have been shaped by the values, beliefs, and legacy of all those who have made our town the unique and wonderful place that it is. I was born here at Parkview Hospital and I have benefited greatly from this area. As a child, I learned to read (with the encouragement of Mrs. Fuchs) at the Curtis Memorial Library. I participated in Rec Sports, played on the Mall, in the fields and woods, swam and fished in the bays and took part in our local theater groups. I attended our local schools and my wonderful teachers at Brunswick High School helped me recognize and achieve my academic goals. With their help I was able to get scholarships and attend Smith College.

The issues that threaten our quality of life—shrinking fiscal resources, unemployment, rising health costs, the mortgage crisis, environmental challenges—require that we collaborate and work together to find solutions as opposed to the impasse that currently exists in Augusta. It is time for a return to civility. We need legislators who are able to get people to come together—across party lines—and say ‘yes’.

I believe we all prosper when everyone is working, when our schools teach to every child and every child graduates. Our state will be stronger if every family has a job that pays quality wages, can afford health insurance, has access to affordable energy sources, and lives in a clean and healthy environment.

I am committed to education: the best possible investment for the future is a strong public education system. Brunswick has always been known for its excellent schools. We need to continue to excel by improving our current offerings and challenge each student to find his or her path through a variety of educational settings. I will work with the state and community to find creative solutions to maintain the full funding of our schools.

At the same time I will work to increase efficiency in government and control unnecessary spending. We need to invest in our future but we must be mindful of the expenses that we take on. In this global recession it is important to foster growth but not drive ourselves further into debt. By working together we can discover and implement the best possible strategies to fund our community while not living beyond our means.

Mainers have always been entrepreneurs: we have one of the highest small business ownership rates in the country. It is our economic engine: toiling on the clam flats, running a restaurant, landscape service, real estate office, or small local store (you get the point); this kaleidoscope of professions is our past, present and future. My family had a small business here and I grew up aware of the benefits and challenges of small business ownership. I also know first-hand the problems of finding a job at a livable wage in this economy.

After college I was blessed to find a job as a curator here in town with VSA Maine, an organization that served individuals with disabilities through the arts. Until recently, I was the communications associate for a statewide organization focused on transparency and accountability in state government. I am now a partner at Maquoit Bay Associates, a new consulting firm in Brunswick specializing in management, fundraising and social media solutions for non-profits. I also run my own local photography business and write a food blog.

But that’s enough about me! My main goal is to be your ally. I want to hear what you have to say and what concerns you. You—not lobbyists, special interest groups or Super PACs—will shape my policies. That is why I am running as a Clean Elections candidate.

You will always have my ear and I will work hard for what Brunswick wants and needs. As your State Representative my door will always be open, (but please knock first). I would love to hear your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you and meeting all of you on the campaign trail!

Photo by Michele Stapleton ©  2012

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Matthea “Mattie” Daughtry, a Brunswick native, is the State Representative for the Maine House District 66

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