We cannot cut and slash our way to prosperity but we do need to live within our means. We need to be making smart investments that advance our state and generate new tax revenue. The best investment in our future is a strong public education system, which provides us with a skilled and talented workforce. We need to create more high paying jobs in Maine in order to expand our tax base. We need to cut loopholes and exemptions. The budget passed in the 125th Legislature was fiscally irresponsible and puts the financial burden on municipalities. We should reverse this budget and instead work towards a balanced budget that is fiscally prudent but keeps essential services in place. We also need a fair share tax plan where those in the top 1% pay the same tax rate as the rest of Mainers.

I favor a progressive income tax that takes into account inflation and other factors. We need a fair share tax plan, where we close wasteful tax loopholes and ensure the wealthiest 1% pay the same rate as all hard-working Mainers. We need to build from the middle out and make sure our tax code reflects what middle class families can afford to pay.